Thought bubble Poem

(Eighteen thought bubbles from comic strips randomly)

Chef Steel


something made my line move

don’t give him his head he likes to run

what are you doing with that cigar?

great, let’s go upstairs, I have something to show you

pretty and so #*%* young

it’s simple, just look through this little window

let’s make a sandwich to celebrate

this is an unusual collar

since you’re both going to Paris, it will take twice as long

did you talk to what’s his name about the thing

let me put on my face

see if you can pick up any scent we can follow

you took it out real quick when you saw me coming, didn’t you?

he also sees other beavers and possibly new friends

there’s tension about you and me, isn’t there?

I hope that’s sufficiently non-fussy

okay, call your friends, and if you say anything else, you’re in trouble

are we still big on that?