Piano lessons

I have developed an unique course of study for students which allows a step by step advancement. The student plays recognizable songs from the beginning while learning the fundamentals of music such as chord function, minor/major keys and fingering. I do not teach a particular style of music, instead I teach the foundation of music which can be applied to any style.

I have taught music for over 30 years on my own or through a music store, and I taught music through the San Diego school district for many years. I started this business eight years ago in Minneapolis. I received my advanced degree in 1987.

I teach all skill levels from beginners to advanced students. I often teach children who are as young as age 7. This a good age to begin because children younger than 6 have a difficult time relaying the information from the page to their fingers and they are not as familiar with alpha sequences.

I offer piano lessons in your home. I travel to south Minneapolis, Edina, Richfield, Bloomington, St. Louis Park, and Hopkins. I charge $25 per lesson. A lesson generally lasts 30 to 45 minutes, however, a lesson is not dependent on time so much as what we want to accomplish. The first question I ask is: “Do you have a piano?” Almost any piano will do as long as it has at least 4 octaves. If you don’t know what an octave is just count the white keys and you should have at least 32 keys. If not, the piano is too small and limited range.

I hope to have you as a student of mine!

Steve Brooks