For his whole life, Steve has been actively producing work in various media ranging from music composition, painting, film, assemblage, and writing. In 2013, Steve published a book, available on amazon: How I met Van and Numan Future Present and Past. This is a humorous sci-fi narrative, written in dialogue.

Steve has shown his paintings in San Diego galleries, and locally at the University of Minnesota, Intermedia Arts, and various group shows in Minneapolis. He has written and directed two short films: “Paper Tiger” and “Bedtime Stories”. These were shown during a film festival at the Red Eye Theatre in 1993. From 2001-2011, Steve and his wife, Roberta, developed and produced Buns on Mars – an online arts magazine. This collaboration produced art and articles through personas: Chef Steel, So Cal Punk, The art work titled Ocean is from Buns on Mars and was featured in mn artists on December 5th and 6th, 2002.

In 1978, Steve earned an AA degree in music from San Diego Mesa College. He studied piano and music composition with Fred Zinos, and played percussion in various rock bands, concert bands and orchestras.

Steve received both his BA in music composition/visual arts in 1983 and his MFA degree in painting at the University of California-San Diego in 1987. He studied with Allan Kaprow, Manny Farber and David Antin. He has always been involved with teaching, and has taught art history, art studio, and music at the college level.
Today, he teaches private piano lessons in Minneapolis, Minnesota, developing the method of classical open position piano.

Recently, Steve is writing a companion journal – Buns on Mars Journal – he explores his criticism and appreciation of rock music.

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